Question Of The Day #1: How does one finally come to accept changes? In a society, how do new customs and norms become the usual, over the previous ones, somethings that used to be almost religiously followed? 



I watched her from my seat at the back of the hall. She was my friend; now? Not so much. She was bright and lively, and attracted many. But like a flame, she burned out and burned many. When I first met her, she had joy and mischief in her eyes. Now, all I see... Continue Reading →

Music? Old?

What is music? Most teens my age would probably say that it is something you can dance to, maybe get lost in it. I say that music is something that helps you; it pulls you out of your dark cages. All those sleepless nights when I faced depression, or all those angry tears due to... Continue Reading →

Baby, I’m Perfect For Me

  Tall, lean, soft, gentle; Smart, funny, cute, humble; Popular, athletic, melodious, nimble. I am not. I am not the picture perfect image of a loveable girl: the perfect girl in town. I am not the most attractive girl that all boys want to date. I am not even that girl that everyone would want... Continue Reading →

20 Must Haves…

Binge Worthy Shows/Films Everyone needs a playlist for those stressed out days, where you need to just switch on the TV, sit in your bath tub, and relax. Here are 20 films/shows which you can watch whilst trying to do so... Riverdale Stranger Things Grimm Pitch Perfect Brooklyn Nine-Nine Clueless Letters To Juliet Jurassic Park... Continue Reading →

20 Must Haves…

SONGS These are 20 songs that I, personally, feel that everyone should be familiar to, especially the sappy people who love those sad, emotional songs! High Hopes by KODALINE    Crier Tout Bas by COEUR DE PIRATE     One Day by KODALINE  Tee Shirt by BIRDY A Daydream Away by ALL TIME LOW Soldier... Continue Reading →

A Letter To A Bully

Dear Bully,                    I am writing this letter to help you. Hopefully you'll take my advice, and will spread love. Today you beat up that kid in your class. That poor child with a low self-esteem walked back home with but one thought in his mind, "Why?... Continue Reading →

Beginner’s Guide To PMS-ing

PMS (Premenstrual Syndrome) is something that every girl faces almost every month. PMS's cause likely involves changes in hormones during the menstrual cycle. Symptoms include mood swings, tender breasts, food cravings, fatigue, irritability and depression. Now, not saying that it's pleasant or welcomed, despite all its quirks and habits it is something that can be really... Continue Reading →


A city of diversity, where momos are made 'tandoori' or 'peri-peri' style, where Bhangra and Bharatnatyam are danced with Shape Of You blaring loudly in the back, where dogs are named 'Kalu', 'Buddy', and food names.... Delhi. Much too often have I wondered about this city where I grew up.  This city, where the heart... Continue Reading →

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